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About Us

Where we come from

This family based website was conceptualized by Ray & Margie, parents of two very sporty daughters involved in Road running, Athletics, Du-athlon, Triathlon, Cycling, MTB, Trail Runs and other Action Sports.  We travelled the country, met wonderful people and interacted with fellow parents and athletes. As parents, we constantly supported, videoed and photographed our kids, appreciating the tangible memories we created for many years to come.

We recognized the need to offer an easy to use, simple yet comprehensive, affordable platform for parents, athletes & supporters to access their own memory making photos. It was only natural to take our experience and passion to the web, and to offer a platform for photo downloads & prints.


Where we are going

Our vision is to be a national service provider for Action Sports, Conferences & Events, where photos are categorized accordingly and easily accessed, viewed & ordered. We invest a lot of time & resources, partner with professionals, and are driven to be the best in this field.

We know what people want and we aim to deliver!


How we do it

Number recognition Technology; Runners bibs are quickly identified and tagged to allow for “search-by-number” on our website.

P-tag barcode recognition; Unique 3D barcodes licenced to Instapix in South Africa allow for exceptionally high speed athlete recognition and & identification.

Facebook Integration; Unique Albums are created by athlete and photos are showcased on individual Facebook user profiles. A very simple process, but fantastic to share and market. 

Open Galleries; Browse through personal or individual photos, or view all event photos by category!

Sponsored Downloads; Showcase your product by having it watermarked on all event photos. Entrants can download & share all photos on demand. The marketing reach from this option has proven to be exceptional!

On Site Printing; We can set up a fully functioning facility at your event, where the public can view, select, print photos on demand.

Photo booth; Touch Screen, DSLR, high quality free standing photo booth units that print, upload and obtain user information as needed.